Who we are

Although the foundation was only legally registered in 2021, Faith Tavengwa has been passionately empowering women for years. It was this passion to help and support girls and women that led her to establish the foundation, with the hope of getting more people involved and improving the welfare of many more. 

This foundation was initially formed to help women with sanitary pads & toiletries, education, courses, skills & business start ups. However we have had to also add basic food necessities because a lot of the girls & women we are supporting are struggling a lot. The beneficiaries include orphans, the disabled,  single woman & those in abusive relationships.


People Helped


IF WE work together,

we will all succeed

What We Do

We provide sanitary pads, toiletries, basic food necessities every 3 months to the girls & women we are helping. Those in education get assistance with their school fees, those with skills are helped to start businesses and some are enrolled in courses.

We aim to assist these girls & women while imparting them with the skills and knowledge they require to start their journey to being independent and self reliant. We will help them until they can fend for themselves.

Our Team

Faith Tavengwa


Tandizani Khola

Chief Operating Officer